Woman making wavy hairstyle

Woman making wavy hairstyle

Everyone is always admiring the waves that occur in the hair after leaving the sea, and I wish I had always sighed. If your hair looks lively and vibrant, but the process is applied to be very specific, the most suitable hairstyle for you means wavy hair as if out of the sea. And how do we get these natural waves to our hair? Here’s what you need to do to get natural wavy hair.

1) Sea Salt Spray
You can easily get this look with the sea salt spray that will give you almost the same effect on the hair of the sea.

You can find this spray in many brands and apply it to the ends when your hair is wet.

You can get great waves with sea salt spray.

If your hair is not straight and there are light waves, then there is no need for sea salt spray. Using hair conditioner or hair gels, simply pull your hair tips into your palms and tighten them upwards.

2) Getting Waves Without Using Heat
If your hair is smooth gel or cream using your hair is not possible to win the wave. For this you need to shape your hair. If you do not want to wear your hair using heat curler method, you can save your hair waves.

If you don’t want to deal with the bigdi, you can sleep with the buckle while the hair is moist, and you can get the waves in the morning. Before applying this method, you can make it more tight using foam or hair spray.

3) Tongs With Wavy Hair
In a short time you can use your tongs to make your hair appear out of the sea. It is possible to get natural waves with thick tongs that have been popular recently.

After combing your hair with a large wide curl, comb and comb the curls and make them look natural.

Whatever your hair type and model, you can use these methods to make your hair scattered, shaky and wavy as the sea!


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