Trends in 2020 haircuts and models

Trends in 2020 haircuts and models

Are you ready for 2020 hair fashion? We look forward to the new year, filled with new hairstyles. The year 2020 has come full of fashion and hair style! In 2020, which will surprise us about haircuts and hairstyles, it is necessary to be a little brave and blind.

If you follow hair trends closely, you should try these models as soon as possible. If you don’t, you better get used to these models because you’ll see them everywhere soon. Read on to get a closer look at 2020 haircut fashion and hairstyles.

Hair trend from glass

Close up studio shot of a beautiful girl with short brown hair, freckles and soft make up.

Glass hair trend is the name given to smooth, blunt and bob hairstyle. This haircut, which stands out in the 2020 hair fashion, looks quite modern and cool. In order for this hairstyle to be shiny just like glass, you should take care of hair care and prevent it from looking dull.

Braided hairstyles, braids

Smiling beautiful woman, looking away

Braids almost marked the year 2019. Different knitting patterns and technique have been very popular last year. The knitting trend seems to continue in 2020 as well. If you cannot knit complex knits, you can use classic knits in different models. Shabby and classic braids also attract a lot of attention, to tell us!

The 80s are coming back

Young beautiful model with bright make-up standing on the street girl with expressive make-up and curly hair.

In 2020 hair trends, we see the hair trends of the 80s in abundance. Especially fluffy, curly and bulky hair will appear everywhere this year. If you have fine hair, you can get this hairstyle by using a thin curling iron. You can make your hair look even more voluminous than by making a crepe after putting your curls to the fore.

Wet looking hair

Wet looking hair
Beauty woman portrait. Beautiful model girl with perfect fresh clean skin and smoky eyes makeup. Youth and skin care concept. Beige background.

Wet looking hair has become very trendy recently. In the 2020 hair fashion, we will often see wet-looking hair. We are sure you will love this lightly masculine and natural looking hairstyle. This hairstyle, which is very easy to make and long-lasting, has already become our favorite. After wetting the front part of your hair for a wet hairstyle, you can fix your hair with L’Oréal Paris Elnett Extra Strong Grip Hair Spray. That’s it!


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