The best and most stylish 11 long hairstyles for women

The best and most stylish 11 long hairstyles for women

Hair, social patterns and a mark of development, as well as expression of freedom as a form of expression emerges. Is it possible to recognize the effect that the period has by looking at hair styles or models, such as those found in clothing and accessories? Yes, it is possible.

Sometimes the rebellion and the hair models emerging as a result of oppression are some of the most explicit expressions of personality. Hair models survive for many years and have an important place in cultures. For this reason, it is possible to think about the forms of nutrition, forms of life and even beliefs by examining the hair traditions of cultures.

The best and most stylish 11 long hairstyles for women

The best and most stylish 11 long hairstyles for women

Each period creates its own fashion, for example, at the beginning of the 90’s, we are faced with sharp and asymmetrical haircuts that were born with feminism in the 2000’s years, when women were moderately and exaggerated in their hair.

How should long hair care be done in women?

How should long hair care be done in women?

How should long hair care be done in women?

Long hair, which is fashionable every time and does not lose its effect, is the first choice of every woman, but first you should choose a hair style that is suitable for face shape and hair color. Then you need to know about care and use. Every woman wants to have long hair, but the important thing is to have healthy, long hair. The hair feeds the body as it is fed by the body of the body.

Things to be aware of in hair care:

Things to be aware of in hair care:

Things to be aware of in hair care:

Regular haircuts give you the opportunity to stretch your hair,
Nutrition is also one of the tricky points of healthy hair. Your jowls feed your hair and strengthen your structure,
One of the most important steps is maintenance after shower and shower: use the right products are golden rule of hair care,
It is necessary to wash the hair with warm water during the shower and to take the last rinsing water with cold water whenever possible,

After showering, we must get wet with a cotton towel that is not hard,
Using a hair dryer and exposing the hair to high temperatures will cause hair breaks,
After the hair drying process, you need to use hair cream or hair care oil,
Hair care oil, which is used at least twice a week, nourishes the ends of the hair and provides shine,
It is possible to strengthen hair roots with a hair care mask that will be applied to hair roots once a week,
In short, we can describe the definition of healthy and long hair: correct haircut, correct hairdresser and proper care products.

What are the most stylish long hair models in women?
What women like most is to play with their hair. For women who do not hesitate to reflect their mood on their hair, the meaning of hair is great. Let’s start with the usual unusual hair models that have attracted a lot of interest in the models we use in everyday life:

African braid

African braid, which has a different thickness and colors, is among the popular choices of recent periods.

African wave (Afro wave)

This hairstyle, which gives natural hair curls, makes long hair look shorter.


Undercut hair styles 2018

This model of courage is an interesting choice for those who want to reflect the spirit!

best hair style trends

Cornrowss hair styles

It is a model where the hair is knitted closest to the hair.

Modern knitting models 2018

Modern knitting models

One of the hair models that require talent …

best hairstyles 2018

Fish back

It can be applied as single or double knit according to demand and hair structure.

Fish back hairstyles 2018

Fish ridge bun model

A perfect way to add romantic look to your hair with your fish back.

Fish ridge bun model

Horse tail

This style, which we know of the horse tail model enriched with knit, will be the most stylish choice to save the day.

Horse tail hairstyle

Natural waves

After the shower, you can use your hair with its natural volume and wave.

Natural waves hairdo

Wave braid hairstyle

Again one of the romantic and stylish models …

Wave braid hairstyle

Knitting knob

Both knitting and knob …

Knitting bun hair model

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