New trend hairstyles 2020

New trend hairstyles 2020

Those with dense voluminous hair, try new hairstyles too. We have examined the most preferred long hairstyles and short hairstyles among the 2020 hairstyles. Which hairstyles do women prefer more? Here are the hairstyles that women prefer in 2020.

Voluminous hairstyles

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In 2020, we will see volume in all of the hair! Wavy hairdryers drawn with large round brushes, large waves with large-tip curlers will often be encountered. In other words, volume will come to the fore in 2020 hair trends.

Deeply separated hair styles

Another hair trend of 2020 will be the deeply split hair! Anyone with a short, long or medium length can do this. You separate your hair from the side as deeply as possible.

Natural looking hairstyles 2020

Natural looking hairstyles 2020

Those with curly hair are very lucky because this year is their year! Natural textures and intense curly looks will be very trendy in 2020! Therefore, if you are trying to straighten your curly hair, we recommend that you leave your hair natural.

Wavy hair styles

If you are afraid of the bouncing of the bob haircut, you can evaluate the layered bob haircut. The layered bob haircut suits especially those with natural wavy hair. If you are looking for bob suitable for wavy hair, the folded bob cut is just for you!

Fringe and bob haircut

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If you like Parisian looks, you should definitely try this haircut. Bob haircuts and short bangs teleport us to the 60s. If you want to have a brand new look in your hair and look retro, you should try these two. Instead of styling your Bob hair with heat, you can achieve a more natural style by using hair styling foam.


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