Best hair style curly hair 2018

Best hair style curly hair 2018

With these easy techniques it is now easy to make curly hair! Curly hair can be easily applied without tongs. In some cases you can get a curly or wavy appearance without even having to heat. The curly hair making techniques that we investigate are very easy and do not take much time 🙂

Let’s see which of these techniques will you try first?

If you do not have time: 5 minutes techniques
1.En practical technique: Bandana technique

This technique seems to be long but it takes 5 minutes 🙂 First you should apply styling foam to your hair. Then put the bandana or the hair band around the head and wrap the hair around the bandanas by twisting the blocks. After you have put all your hair into the bandanas, take out the bandanas and enjoy the wavy look!

2. Bun technique hairstyles


Another practical technique is the double bun technique. Separate your hair from the center and make both sides auger and give the look of the bun.


Then apply L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni Art Fix Design fixing hair spreyi on this burgundy. After waiting 2 minutes like this (you can evaluate this time by making up your make-up so you will not waste any time) open the buns. Here you are!

3.Fowing machine technique

This technique is not a technique that does not require heat, but it is quite easy. When your hair is lightly moisturized Elseve Komple Restorative 5 Double Care Apply elbows and scan your hair.

Then collect the hair in the form of a screw and let it dry with a fingertip. The appearance that comes out when the whole hair dries up and the waves come out will surprise you!

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If you have the time:
1.Pipette technique

Who would think we would make curly hair with pipette? Apply L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni Art Full Volume styling foam to your hair. Then, take tiny tufts from your hair, wrap it in pipettes and hold it with a wire buckle. After waiting 1-2 hours like this, open your hair and your curly hair is now yours!

2.Big technique

Take the hair from your hair and give it a twisted shape and stick these bugs on your fingers and fasten with a wire buckle or ear buds. In this way, you can wait for another 1-2 hours and get the appearance of open curly hair.

3.Tone technique

The pencils are now used to wiggle our hair! Wrap your hair around the floor and straighten it, shape the part of the jar. But do not forget to apply Elseve Miracle Oil Hair Moisturizing Cream to the tip and length of your hair beforehand so that your hair will not be damaged from heat!

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