Back to school: Easy hairstyles to test the first day

Back to school: Easy hairstyles to test the first day

Are the easy hairstyles the first day in the school? Well, you’re lucky.  We asked Veronika Sorek, a senior lecturer for Marc Anthony Professional, to create some capital headings for the next few years. Now, for this, he made three! Some days, you want to get everything.

Even when you go to school. For the days you want to look at the following level, this Hollywood Houston Classroom is tested, namely the Lana Del Rey. Everything you need is a machine and brick. Here’s how to describe the appearance of easy hairstyles in the home.

See 1: Flatten Out Crisps

  1. Wash your hair and stop with the designer to help you look at the beginning.
  2. Make hair to use the designer as Marky Bye Bye Frizz.
  3. Separate the smooth hair by using a brown brush, holding a 1/4-inch hair in the 1 inch heat.
  4. Use minimal treatments from Marc Anthony of Bye Bye Frizz Interviews in the palm and run in the hair so that they do not fly.

See 2: Top-Pony

  1. The waves – the hair of the second day – Anthony Grow Spray Texture. If you want to submit a root report, try the Marc Anthony Coconut Dry Conditioner.
  2. There are many hair and temples in the synagogues, with the hair and hair of the army, spreading the hair and the belt belt, and hiding the shoes. Use a fire alarm.
  3. Complete the look with some objects.

See 3: Room Independent

  1. Use Marc Anthony Coconut Cold Conditioner, begin with roots and brush hair.
  2. Write part of the section in parts, push it to the store, and select the store when you go.
  3. Show, down, and blow to safety.
  4. Combine with Marc Anthony Coconut Coconut Styling Oil for smoothness.


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